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Actuators for Everyday Products

Today's consumer products need actuators that are portable, compact and lightweight, silent, and inexpensive. Traditional servo and pneumatic technologies are noisy, heavy, and expensive due to the metal-dense and high-pitched whine of the motor or the supporting pump and valve system.


Actuation solutions from Artimus Robotics are made from inexpensive materials, operate silently, and are compact and lightweight for portable applications. These actuators are compliant for on-body applications, offer highly controllable motion, and can be easily customized to fit unusual or challenging form factors. 

Image by Mika Baumeister

HASEL actuators provide:

  • Silent operation

  • Diverse, variable motion

  • High customizability of geometries, performance, and functionality 

  • Compact form factors

  • Lightweight non-metal materials 

  • Electric control (non-pneumatic) with intelligent feedback

  • Simple design with inexpensive materials

  • High ease of use

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