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Haptic Series

Artimus Robotics offers a new class of haptic actuators that provide controllable and organic motion for realistic haptic feedback across a wide range of frequencies. These actuators have soft and compliant structures, intelligent self-sensing, and they operate silently


Touch perception is an integral part of how people interact with the physical world. As a result, simulating lifelike touch feedback with haptic technologies has become an important part of modern electronic devices.


Haptic Actuator Features

Soft & Compliant

Artimus haptic actuators are made from compliant materials and are robust to repeated bending and twisting, which is ideal for comfortable integration into wearables or other deformable interfaces.

Wide Bandwidth

wideband width3.png

Artimus Haptic Actuators perform very well in unique frequencies of DC to ~100Hz, maintaining uniform displacement performance across this entire range. 


Silent Haptic Actuators.png

With no spring parts and extremely compliant materials, Artimus Haptic Actuators are nearly perfectly quiet while providing sensations.


Haptic Actuator Videos

Artimus has designed haptic actuators for a wide range of specifications. Do you have a specific need? Contact Us to discuss.

Our Newest Whitepaper

Soft Haptic Actuators

  • Soft & Compliant
  • ​​Wide Bandwidth
  • Silent

Download Our New Haptic Whitepaper


Haptic Actuator Blogs

Find blog posts about Artimus Robotics' Haptic Actuator Technology.

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