Timothy Morrissey

Cofounder & CEO

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Eric Acome

Cofounder & CTO

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Christoph Keplinger

Cofounder & CSO

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Artimus Robotics is enabling a new generation of robots and machines. Led by a world-class team of experts in soft robotics, we make a profound impact on the future of robotics and automation by solving the biggest motion challenges that face our customers. Invented and developed in Boulder, Colorado, our cutting-edge technology, HASEL artificial muscles, is at the forefront of robotic innovation, and we are only just getting started.

Shane Mitchell

Cofounder & Director of Engineering

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Nicholas Kellaris

Cofounder & Director of Research

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Andrew Morton

Director of Business Development

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Luke Walker

Mechanical Engineering Intern

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Karen Crofton

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Wade Lukianow

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Glen Wernersbach

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Reach Out for the Next Steps

Please contact us to take the next steps in applying HASEL actuator technology to your application.

Artimus Robotics engineers, designs, and manufactures connected hardware which offers intelligent lifelike motion for the next generation of automation, robotics, and consumer devices. We make a meaningful and positive impact on the way the world moves for the benefit of both individuals and society.


Location: Artimus Robotics,

2985 Sterling Ct, Suite B Boulder, CO 80301 


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