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About Artimus

Artimus Robotics designs and manufactures soft electric actuators as a component supplier across multiple industries

Humans have created many technologies to produce motion. Motors, gears, pistons, compressors - these inventions are remarkable achievements, yet they are all inferior to motion designs found in nature.


Rigid metal parts that pop, grind, or whine cause problems and tradeoffs that must be separately mitigated. These traditional technologies are expensive, inefficient, loud, heavy, and complex.


Instead of continuing down the path of slow and rigid metal-based technology, humans should leverage nature’s hard work and develop soft motion technologies more similar to natural muscles.


Robotics and automation technologies have demonstrated rapid advances in software, vision, and control, but the enabling hardware technology has not kept up. These advances have opened the door to virtual worlds, yet our methods of interacting with those virtual worlds are primitive.

Artimus Robotics Highlights
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30 Corporate Sponsortships

13 Patents

12 Government Contracts

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Venture Backed

1000+ Actuators Shipped


Artimus Robotics was founded in 2018 by Dr. Tim Morrissey, Dr. Eric Acome, Dr. Nick Kellaris, Dr. Shane Mitchell, and Dr. Christoph Keplinger in Boulder, Colorado. The founders began to research bio-inspired Electroactive Polymers (EAP) in the Keplinger Research Group (KRG) at the University of Colorado, Boulder.


Major breakthroughs in the development of Hydraulically-Amplified Self-Healing Electrostatic (HASEL) technology created immediate commercial demand, leading to the founding of Artimus Robotics. 


Today, Artimus Robotics designs and manufactures soft electric actuators (artificial muscles) in the Boulder, Colorado facility. Over 1000 actuators have shipped to global customers in industries such as automotive, medical devices, industrial automation, defense, and robotics.


Artimus History


University Research

The founders begin researching soft electric actuators during their doctorate programs


Company Founded

Artimus Robotics is founded by the inventors of HASEL actuator technology


Closed Seed Round

Completion of the first round of outside investment and moved into a new facility


1000+ Actuators Shipped

The 1000th actuator is shipped from Artimus Robotics


Expansion & Growth

$3.5M in new Govt. contracts, new JDAs, doubling headcount, and new facility

Where are we heading next?

Want to learn more about Artimus and where we are heading next? Contact us with any questions.

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