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High Voltage Electronics

High voltage electronics from Artimus Robotics are specialized high voltage amplifiers with built-in high voltage power supplies. These high voltage electronics can be customized or integrated into existing OEM electronic solutions. The turnkey modules feature:

  • Integrated digital controller

  • Portable battery power

  • Multichannel control (independent control of each output linearly or nonlinear from 0-100%)

  • Serial API communication with control of charge and discharge rates

  • Programmable waveforms

  • Variable voltage outputs 

High Voltage.png
Image by Nicolas Thomas

Applications for High Voltage Electronics:

  • Corona Charging

  • Dielectric Elastomers

  • Electroadhesion

  • Electroactive Polymers

  • Electrocoalescence

  • Electrohydrodynamics

  • Electrohydraulic Transducers

  • Electrospinning

  • Electrostatic Chuck

  • Electrostatic Flocking

  • Electrostatic Precipitation

  • Electrophoresis

  • Electrophotography

  • Electrorheology

  • Electrolaminates

  • Electron Beam Steering

  • Ion Beam Steering

  • Mass Spectrometry

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