Contracting Actuators

Today, automated motion is produced by rigid components that are costly, energy-consuming, and noisy. Using inspiration from nature, Artimus Robotics takes a radically new approach to linear motion with HASEL actuation technology.

Contracting actuators from Artimus Robotics provide a linear pulling motion similar to the contraction of natural muscles. Need more force or stroke than what is shown below? Read this article to learn how Artimus can optimize actuator designs for required specifications.



HASEL actuators utilize thin plastic films and liquids to achieve high mechanical compliance.



HASEL actuators provide the conversion of electrical to mechanical energy, eliminating the need for pneumatic systems.



HASEL actuator force and displacement output is variable and highly controllable with an analog voltage signal.

Components Can Be Sold Separately

Interested in purchasing only one HASEL actuator? Not interested in the power supply? No problem. Any product in the development kit can be individually purchased and customized to your unique application. Contact our team for questions about customization.

Let's Bring Your Next Idea to Life!

Looking for a custom design? Not sure where to start? Use our Application Assistant for guided help, or contact us and get started on your next big idea. 

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