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Specialty High Voltage Electronics

High Voltage Amplifier with High Voltage Power Supply

High voltage electronics from Artimus Robotics are specialized high voltage amplifiers with built-in high voltage power supplies. These high voltage electronics can be customized or integrated into existing OEM electronic solutions. The turnkey modules below feature:


  • Integrated digital controller

  • Portable battery power

  • Multichannel control (independent control of each output linearly or nonlinear from 0-100%)

  • Serial API communication with control of charge and discharge rates

  • Programmable waveforms

  • Variable voltage outputs 


Portable (Battery Powered)


Compact & Lightweight


Single or Multichannel


Integrated Control Module


Digitally Programmable Waveforms


Independent Control of each Output

Custom High Voltage Electronics Available

All of the products below can be customized to meet the needs of your application. Looking for a ground-up custom solution? We offer Custom Development to tailor high voltage electronic designs to OEM applications or specific requirements. Contact our team with questions. 


Note: Click on any of the rows below to see that product’s profile page and find downloadable datasheets with more information.

Let's Bring Your Next Idea to Life!

Let's Bring Your Next Idea to Life (title) Looking for a custom design? Not sure where to start? Contact Us to get expert assistance on high voltage electronics products.

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