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Specialty High Voltage Electronics

High Voltage Amplifier with High Voltage Power Supply

High voltage electronics from Artimus Robotics are specialized high voltage amplifiers with built-in high voltage power supplies. These high voltage electronics can be customized or integrated into existing OEM electronic solutions. The turnkey modules below feature:


  • Integrated switching array

  • Portable battery power

  • Multichannel control (independent control of each output linearly or nonlinear from 0-100%)

  • Serial API communication with control of charge and discharge rates

  • Programmable waveforms

  • Variable voltage outputs 


Custom High Voltage Electronics Available

All of the products below can be customized to meet the needs of your application. Looking for a ground-up custom solution? We offer Custom Development to tailor high voltage electronic designs to OEM applications or specific requirements. Contact our team with questions. 

Note: Click on any of the rows below to see that product’s profile page and find downloadable datasheets with more information.

Let's Bring Your Next Idea to Life!

Looking for a custom design? Not sure where to start? Use our Application Assistant for guided help, or contact us and get started on your next big idea. 

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