Deep Sea

Deep Sea Environments

Deep sea environments can be extremely challenging for engineering technologies. We provide actuator technologies that are capable of meeting the demands of ocean depths. 

Currently, we offer custom engineered HASEL actuators for your underwater solution. Our technology is electrically controlled, made with non-metal materials, and contains no air. We offer smart, silent, and pressure agnostic actuators for your underwater application.


UUV Solutions

Our unique engineering solutions provide the functionality that underwater actuation requires. We are currently working in the unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) space, and are also exploring underwater and high pressure pumps and valves. 


Reach out to us to learn how we can partner to help you solve your motion challenges. 


HASEL actuators provide:

  • Actuation unaffected by external pressure

  • Silent operation

  • Can be fully encapsulated to resist biofouling

  • High customizability of geometries, performance, and functionality

  • Simple electrical operation (non-pneumatic)

  • Diverse, variable, and controllable physical output

  • High ease of use

  • Smart connected solutions