Industrial Automation

Industrial automation

In industrial markets, where labor shortages are a constant challenge, advanced automation technologies are needed. At Artimus, we provide actuator technologies that truly replicate the abilities of human muscle, meaning any task that a person can do, our technology can replicate.

Currently, we offer actuators to assist in conveying, gripping, valves, pumps, and other industrial applications. As our technology is completely electrically controlled, we offer smart and controllable actuators your industry demands. 


Automation Solutions

Artimus' automation solutions allows you to avoid costly and difficult air systems with fully electric, soft, and analog actuators. HASEL actuators offer a variable physical response, giving you more control over your operation. In addition, you can easily gather critical feedback to ensure your operation is functioning properly and effectively. 


Reach out to us to learn how we can partner to help you solve your motion challenges. 

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HASEL actuators are an artificial muscle technology that provides

  • Simple electrical operation (non-pneumatic)

  • High ease of use

  • Variable and controllable physical output

  • High speed response 

  • Smart

  • Soft, lightweight, and compact design

  • Silent operation

  • High customizability of geometries, performance, and functionality