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Custom Development

HASEL actuators are modular and easily customized. Artimus can quickly produce custom actuator sizes, shapes, and materials for your application.


Need more substantial development? The Artimus Partnership Program was designed for companies that need deep, highly-collaborative development of specialized HASEL actuators. This can be for extremely custom actuators tailored for specific applications, or packaged solutions and system integration to demonstrate drop-in replacements that use HASEL technology.


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Typical Process

For basic customization or our Artimus Partnership Program

Step One

Information Exchange

Provide your application details and specifications using our Application Assistant tool.

Step Four

Design & Analysis

The concepts evolve into detailed designs and are thoroughly analyzed for robustness.

Step Two

Application Review

Our engineers evaluate your requirements and outline a proposal.

Step Five


Your ideal solution is fabricated and comes to life.

Step Three

Concept Scoping

Design concepts are generated and compared with benefits and tradeoffs. 

Step Six

Testing & Validation

The prototype is tested for performance, reliability, environmental factors, and any other validation that you request.

Design Experience Ranges

Artimus has designed custom actuators for a wide range of specifications. Need something outside this range? Contact Us to discuss.

Design Experience Ranges

Forces: Up to 100s of N

Strains: Up to 100%

Voltages: Up to 10kV

Frequencies: 0 Hz (DC) to 100Hz

Speeds: As fast as 5 ms

Environmental Temperatures: -62 degrees C to +93 degrees C

Environmental Pressures: 0 to 20 MaP (Deep sea and high-altitude)


Ready to get started? Click the button to fill out our Application Assistant.


Artimus Partnership Program

This exclusive program from Artimus Robotics offers a collaborative partnership to design a proof-of-concept, fabricate and test it in the application, and prepare for mass production. It is a deeper way for customers to work with Artimus engineers to yield advancement and implementation of HASEL actuators in specific applications. Global companies in industries such as defense, industrial automation, and automotive have found great value in this program.


Qualification Requirements

  • Mass production intent

  • Technical point-of-contact

  • Collaborative working expectations 

  • Technical understanding of application requirements

  • Development budget

  • Development timeline


Program Outputs

  • Dedicated engineering team

  • Collaborative working process

  • Regular meetings and communication

  • Iterative designs 

  • POC hardware and demonstration materials

  • Rapid validation in the application

Click here to fill out our Application Assistant or Contact Us if you want to discuss your custom project.

Artimus Partners

We have worked with the following companies to develop highly customized actuators for specialized needs.

Confidential DarkBlue-1.webp
Automotive Tier 1 Supplier
Confidential DarkBlue-1.webp
Global Medical Device MFG

Let's Bring Your Next Idea to Life!

Looking for a custom design? Not sure where to start? Use our Application Assistant for guided help, or contact us and get started on your next big idea. 

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