Custom Development

HASEL actuators are modular and easily customized. Artimus Robotics can quickly develop custom actuator sizes for your application or can prototype actuators that are tailored for specific applications. Artimus can even provide packaging solutions and system integration to demonstrate drop-in replacements using HASEL actuators.

Custom Ideation


Complex shapes and motions

Product Design.png

4-8 weeks typical development timeline

Industrial Automation.png

Standalone or drop-in replacement

Human Machine Interface.png

Component-level and system-level validation

Design Experience Ranges:

Forces: Up to 100s of N

Strokes: Up to 100%

Voltages: Up to 10 kV

Frequencies: 0 Hz (DC) to 100 Hz

Speeds: As fast as 5 ms

Environmental Temperatures: -62 degrees C to +93 degrees C

Environmental Pressures: 0 to 20 MPa (Deep sea and high-altitude/outer space)




Artimus Robotics Partnership Program


This exclusive program from Artimus Robotics offers a deep collaborative partnership to design a proof-of-concept, fabricate and test it in the application, and prepare for mass production. It is a deeper way for customers to work with Artimus engineers to yield advancement and implementation of HASEL actuators in specific applications. Global companies in industries such as defense, industrial automation, and automotive have found great value in this program.

Qualification Requirements (What you need to provide)

  • Mass production intent

  • Technical point-of-contact

  • Collaborative working expectations 

  • Technical understanding of application and requirements

  • Development budget

  • Development timeline

What will you get

  • Dedicated engineering team

  • Collaborative working process

  • Regular meetings and communication

  • Iterative design process

  • Hardware and demonstration materials

  • Rapid validation in the application

Typical Process

  1. Application review 

  2. Proof of concept scoping

  3. Design and analysis

  4. Prototyping

  5. Testing and validation (life, reliability, environmental)



Automotive Tier 1 Supplier


Global Medical Device Manufacturer


Need custom designs? Let's build your HASEL actuator solution

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