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High Voltage Electronics


Multichannel high voltage amplifier with integrated high voltage power supply and digital controller for driving and controlling electrostatic actuators (including HASEL actuators) and other capacitive devices.


Broad range of performance capabilities for general testing of electrostatics and capacitors. Optimized for use with HASEL actuators.

Features of the PS2-08-A

  • Programmable waveforms on 8 independent HV output channels

  • Designed for capacitor charging and discharging

  • Analog outputs for voltage & current monitors

  • High speed operation (up to 200 Hz)

  • Short circuit protection

  • Compact and portable design

  • Drives and controls all HASEL actuator models from Artimus Robotics

PS2 Image.png

Product Specifications

Part Number
HV Electronics
Input Power
Wall Adapter (24VDC, 3A AC-DC Converter)
Control Channels
8 Channels
Voltage Range
1.5kV - 10kV
Maximum Power
30 Watts
Typical Output Current
<3 mA
600 g
162 x 82 x 54 mm

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