Defense Applications

Small and lightweight, silent, and smart. These are all necessary characteristics of actuators for high-tech defense applications. Loud, rigid, and unintelligent pneumatic or servo actuators don’t do the job needed for the military.

HASEL actuators from Artimus Robotics are custom engineered to be lightweight, compact, and smart. The technology is soft, electric, and operates silently. 


Actuators for Defense

Traditional actuators are based on technology that is a century old. Actuation solutions from Artimus Robotics are high tech and cutting edge, and have built-in intelligence. HASEL actuators are made from non-metal components and operate completely silently.

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HASEL actuators provide:

  • Soft, compliant interfaces

  • Electric control (non-pneumatic) with intelligent feedback

  • Silent operation

  • Compact and lightweight form factors

  • High customizability of geometries, performance, and functionality

  • Diverse, variable motions including haptic and organic

  • High ease of use