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The Riderflex Podcast: Tim Morrissey and Artimus Robotics


Steve Urban, host of the Riderflex Podcast, sits down with Tim Morrissey, cofounder and CEO at Artimus Robotics, to learn a bit more about Tim's personal journey from academia to cofounding an innovative soft robotics startup.

About Riderflex

Riderflex is a national, Colorado based, premier headhunter, RPO and employment agency; recruiting and searching the top talent for staffing your teams. They also have a Riderflex Podcast that provides career advice and job interviewing tips, in addition to interviewing the most successful entrepreneurs, CEO's, and business leaders to tell the real stories of what it's like to start and lead businesses. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to check out their other engaging podcast episodes.

If you think Riderflex can help bring your leadership team to the next level with consulting services including Human Resources, Marketing, IT, Sales, Finance, and Operations, you can learn more on their website or connect with them on their LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook!

About Artimus Robotics

Artimus Robotics is enabling the realization of robotic advancements in the physical world. Our actuation systems are electrically controlled and feature muscle-like performance, designed and manufactured to allow you to automate your most difficult motion challenges.

If you are interested in learning more about how Artimus Robotics can help tackle your unique motion challenges with HASEL actuation technology, please reach out to info@artimusrobotics.com. Our world-class team of soft robotics engineers are eager and ready to help you customize your HASEL actuators to meet the specific needs of your use case.

You can always feel welcome to continue the soft robotics conversation with us over on our LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram! Additionally, stay up to date with our most recent activities and product offerings by signing up here.

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