HASEL actuator development kits on sale now!

HASEL actuator development kits 

Artimus Robotics is excited to share our products with you so you can get hands-on experience with the capabilities of HASEL actuators. The development kit offers turn-key capabilities for operating and using HASEL actuators. 

Development Kit 1.0 includes:

  • A stack of five linearly contracting HASEL actuators (model LC-5015).  These actuators achieve fast and smooth actuation with muscle-like performance. The stack of actuators in each kit is modular and can be taken apart to operate individually or in smaller stacks.

  • A portable high voltage power supply (HVPS) that provides the voltage necessary to activate the actuators and includes easy-to-use control software. 

  • A variety of helpful accessories such as a stand, a weight for demonstrating the performance of the actuators, and a user manual. Instructions for operation and important safety information are also included.

In-depth operating video

Review our extended video to better understand the operation and capabilities of the development kit. 


To purchase a HASEL actuator development kit, use the button on the right to email us and one of our technical experts will provide you with a quote for your exact needs. 

Components sold separately

Interested in purchasing only one HASEL actuator? Not interested in the power supply? No problem. Any product in the development kit can be individually purchased and customized to your unique application. Contact our team for questions about customization. 


  • Single actuators

  • Multiple actuators

  • Power supply

  • Custom engineering

Linearly contracting and expanding actuator kit coming soon

Artimus Robotics is consistently striving to improve our product line to meet our customers' needs. We are regularly enhancing the functionality of our existing products and unveiling new products, including:

  • Flexible end mounts for linearly contracting actuators. Our flexible end mounts will reduce the overall weight of the actuators and enable applications where mechanical compliance is important.

  • Linearly expanding actuators which feature actuation strains over 100% (shown below).

  • Customizable actuators to meet your specific needs. Please reach out to one of our highly qualified engineers if you have a specific design request that is not one of our staple products.

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