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At Artimus Robotics, we believe that for technologies to truly impact society, they must engage in our physical world.

Artimus Robotics is enabling the realization of robotic advancements in the physical world. Our actuation systems are electrically controlled and feature muscle-like performance, designed and manufactured to allow you to automate your most difficult motion challenges. 

HASEL actuation technology is currently in development in select industries with early prototypes in the field. If you are interested in these application areas, please reach out to us. Additionally, if you are interested in applying HASEL actuators in your application area, we offer a development kit as a turn-key solution to allow you to explore HASEL actuation technology as well as custom engineering solutions. 

At Artimus Robotics, we are eager to engage with you to discover how HASEL actuation technology can solve your motion challenges.  

Please reach out to us to learn how we can help you. 


HASEL actuation technology

Our motion technology, termed HASEL actuators, utilizes a fundamentally new approach to soft actuation by applying electrostatic forces to a hydraulic fluid to create shape change in a soft, flexible structure. The electrostatic forces allow for the creation of soft fluidic actuators that are electrically controlled, leveraging the benefits of both fluidic actuators and electrostatic actuators. The incorporation of a hydraulic fluid means our soft electrohydraulic actuators can be designed to achieve a variety of actuation modes; at the same time, the use of electrostatic forces enables our actuators to be controllable, fast, silent, and efficient. 

This ground-breaking technology was recognized as the future of robotics in a recent TED talk

Electrically-controlled soft linear actuator

Linear actuators are one of the key enabling technologies of our society, as evidenced by their widespread use in areas such as robotics, automation, automobiles, defense, and countless other industries. Using HASEL actuation technology, Artimus Robotics has introduced soft linear actuators that convert electrostatic forces directly into linear motion without the use of rotating motors or transmission systems. Some key features HASEL actuators include:

  • Voltage-controlled input for continuous, analog output control

  • Lightweight and soft design

  • High speed and variable actuation

  • Silent operation

  • High efficiency

  • Simplicity

  • Low cost materials

  • Scalability

  • Customizable geometries and materials

About Us

Artimus Robotics is enabling a new generation of robots and machines that increase productivity and improve quality of life. Led by a world-class team of incredibly capable and creative experts in soft robotics, we make a profound impact on the future of robotics and automation by solving the biggest motion challenges that face our customers. Invented and developed in Boulder, Colorado, our cutting-edge technology, HASEL artificial muscles, is at the forefront of robotic innovation, and we are only just getting started.

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