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Artificial muscles with organic and lifelike motions. 


Our artificial muscle technology enables new capabilities for robotics and human-machine interaction

We provide HASEL actuators and high voltage electronics for:

  • Haptics

  • Bio-inspired Robotics

  • Electrostatic technologies

Slow, fast, unique, and controllable haptic sensations. 


HASEL actuators utilize thin plastic films and liquids to achieve high mechanical compliance.


HASEL actuators provide the conversion of electrical to mechanical energy, eliminating the need for pneumatic systems.


HASEL actuator force and displacement output is variable and highly controllable with an analog voltage signal.

Want to learn more? Click here for a deeper dive into our technology.
HASEL Artificial Muscles

High Performance, Electrically Controlled Motion

Through a unique combination of flexible materials, liquid dielectrics, and electrostatic forces, HASEL actuators offer controllable, high power-to-weight motion for a variety of applications. See our standard products or Contact Us to see if we have a solution for your application.

The vision of HASEL Technology

Lifelike Artificial Muscles

While software and sensing capabilities for robotics have advanced rapidly, actuator hardware has remained largely unchanged. The HASEL technology offers a new approach to actuation, based on soft and flexible materials, and has many advantages over traditional mechanical hardware. This emerging technology from Artimus Robotics is rapidly advancing capabilities for robots and machines of the future.

Want to learn more? Click here for a deeper dive into our technology.

HASEL Actuators

Review our standard expanding and contracting actuator models. These actuators are soft, silent, fast, and have a wide bandwidth. All products can be modified to better fit OEM applications. 

Image by Nicolas Thomas

HV Electronics

We design and manufacture specialty high voltage electronics for research or OEM applications. Our high voltage amplifiers have integrated high voltage power supplies, digital controllers, and multichannel outputs.

Industries We Serve

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