Human-Machine Interfaces


Human-Machine Interfaces

Humans are overwhelmed by visual and auditory information. To increase the transmission of information between humans and machines, new physical inputs are crucial. From intelligent buttons, to haptic feedback, to reactive surfaces, new technologies are required that can enable new forms of physical input.

Currently, we offer custom engineered HASEL actuators to drop into your human-machine solution. Our technology is completely electrically controlled and offers extremely diverse motion; perfect for your human-machine interface applications.

HMI Solutions

The use of our technology will mitigate your needs for clunky air supply lines or low fidelity vibrating motors. HASEL actuators provide your user with a truly life-like physical response. No longer will you rely on high frequency vibrations to trick a human response, since HASEL actuator technology can provide low frequency and amplitude varied responses to give your user an organic response.  


Reach out to us to learn how we can partner to help you solve your motion challenges. 

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HASEL actuators provide:

  • Truly organic responses

  • Variable and controllable physical output

  • High speed and analog response 

  • Simple electrical operation (non-pneumatic)

  • Smart connected solutions

  • Flexible, lightweight, compact, and soft design

  • High customizability of geometries, performance, and functionality

  • High ease of use