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Driving Electronics Modules from Artimus Robotics

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

HASEL actuators from Artimus Robotics require high-voltage, low-current electronics to operate. Although these actuators can work with any high-voltage power supply, nuances in how the voltage is delivered to the actuators can improve actuator performance. To support customer exploration and testing of HASEL actuators, Artimus has developed driving electronics modules specially for Artimus Robotics’ HASEL actuators. These modules are optimized for general use with Artimus’ HASEL actuators but are not optimized for any particular specification, application, or use case. They make ideal accessories for development kit purchases of Artimus Robotics HASEL actuators and typically come with software control programs. To learn more about power supplies and driving electronics from Artimus Robotics please visit the Driving Electronics Product page at or contact us by emailing or calling +1 (303) 736-9329.

About Artimus Robotics

Artimus Robotics designs and manufactures soft electric actuators. The technology was inspired by nature (muscles) and spun out of the University of Colorado. HASEL (Hydraulically Amplified Self-healing ELectrostatic) actuator technology operates when electrostatic forces are applied to a flexible polymer pouch and dielectric liquid to drive shape change in a soft structure. These principles can be applied to achieve a contracting motion, expanding motion, or other complex deformations. For more information, please visit Artimus Robotics or contact

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