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Pneumatic Compression Devices and HASEL Actuators

Artimus Robotics designs and manufactures proprietary HASEL actuators for a variety of industries and applications, but one of the most popular use-cases is to offer an electric alternative to traditional pneumatic compression devices. Compression devices traditionally use a polymer bladder, often thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), that inflates with air to provide compression directly on the human body. Application examples of this include:

  • AR/VR haptic accessories

  • Bedsore prevention devices

  • Luxury mattresses

  • Massage chairs and products

  • Treatment devices for lymphedema, deep vein thrombosis, limb ulcers, cystic fibrosis

  • Recovery devices for athletes

  • G suits for pilots and astronauts

  • Blood pressure monitor cuffs

Pneumatic compression devices for these applications and more are often seeking an electric alternative to the incumbent compressor/pump pneumatic system but that still provides the same soft compliance as the TPU bladder. HASEL actuators are an electric alternative to pneumatic bladders and provide many other benefits for compression devices, including higher efficiencies, lower noise, smaller size and weight, lower cost, faster speeds, higher bandwidths, and portability improvements. As entire industries shift away from pneumatic power to electric power, such as automotive, industrial automation, and medical, individual applications parallel to these industries are also following the electrification trend. Loud, heavy, and expensive compressor and pump systems are being replaced in pneumatic compression devices by silent, lightweight, inexpensive HASEL actuators.

About Artimus Robotics

Artimus Robotics designs and manufactures soft electric actuators. The technology was inspired by nature (muscles) and spun out of the University of Colorado. HASEL (Hydraulically Amplified Self-healing ELectrostatic) actuator technology operates when electrostatic forces are applied to a flexible polymer pouch and dielectric liquid to drive shape change in a soft structure. These principles can be applied to achieve a contracting motion, expanding motion, or other complex deformations. For more information, please visit Artimus Robotics or contact

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